How Much Am I To Do?

So I’m sitting here in the sound booth at church, working on the podcast. One thought has come to mind just now, as it often has recently. How much stuff am I really to try to do?

With all my school work going on, especially right now, I don’t really have a ton of time to be as involved at church as I am. But I love it. My involvement at church is the main thing keeping me going right now – I love serving the Lord, and I love all the actual projects that I do over there (well, here, right now…).

I know the Lord doesn’t expect a certain quantity of work out of us. He wants us to do what he presents us with a worshiping, prayful attitude. I hope I am doing that, but it’s so hard to tell. Am I serving the Lord, or am I playing with fun technology?

I hope it’s the former. If not, I need to drop this stuff because there just isn’t time to go to church just to play. If I’m truly doing it all for the glory of God, then I don’t care so much how much school work I have; I’ll find a balance somewhere.

But I’m struggling right now.

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