Thank You Father

As we approach Thanksgiving I thought I would take a moment to talk about Thanksgiving. I have never actively participated in the time of thanksgiving that the Mayes family always has during our Thanksgiving gathering. It felt awkward. I didn’t feel qualified.

Lord, I’m not qualified for your love. But yet you gave it to me. THANK YOU!

Some things I’m thankful for:

  • the breath of life
  • a loving Savior
  • a family who truly loves me
  • a beautiful loving girlfriend
  • the most amazing group of close friends I could imagine
  • more earthly possessions than I deserve
  • the Christian Campus House
  • music – and the ability to play and enjoy it
  • sub-freezing mornings with frost everywhere
  • the opportunity to live the life God has planned for me
  • lastly, a big warm bed. especially nice after not even going to bed last night. 0:-p

Lord, I want to specifically take time out of my busy schedule and recognize all that you have blessed me with. Thank you for life, family, friends, stuff, and most of all your Son.

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