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Google Glass – A Brief Review

Google Glass Explorer. Glasshole. Michael. Call me whatever you’d like, but I just got done living with Google Glass for about three weeks, and I have a few thoughts to share. (Why only three weeks? That mess is $1500… so […]


K6MJT is On the Air!

Ham radio. Amateur radio. I have seen no recent survey but I would imagine that few people my generation even know what amateur radio is. At best, maybe “isn’t that something grandpa used to do?” Or, “yeah is that like […]


Review of Google’s Cr-48 Chrome OS Pilot Program

Author’s Note: This article was to be posted on another blog in March. Unfortunately, that never happened, so it is a bit out of date. (Most significantly, production models of the netbook have been announced; see my note on that […]


Building a New HTPC

So it’s been about a year and a half since I built my last computer. That one was a dual-purpose business and personal machine. It was a desktop, running Windows and Mac OS (a legit copy – it’s another story […]


Grammatical Pet Peeves

This will be short. I spend my entire work day on the internet reading blogs, forums, news articles, and the like. I don’t have high expectations for grammar in forums, and I have similarly low expectations for blog comments. However, […]


Windows Computing

Okay, it’s no secret I’ve been a “PC,” a Windows user, for my whole life. I voluntarily prolonged the condition upon purchasing 3 computers for myself in the past 5 years – and building myself a fourth.  Since October 2008, […]