Windows 8

Editor’s note: This was originally written in August 2013… but for some reason was never posted. I’m posting it now, despite it being slightly out of date. Oh well! I’ve used Windows 7 since its pre-beta. I used Windows 8 […]

Geekiness Technology

Google Glass – A Brief Review

Google Glass Explorer. Glasshole. Michael. Call me whatever you’d like, but I just got done living with Google Glass for about three weeks, and I have a few thoughts to share. (Why only three weeks? That mess is $1500… so […]


Interop 2013 – Wrap-Up

Back in May I was fortunate to get to attend the Interop Las Vegas IT conference. I’ve already discussed my trip as a whole and the Principles of Effective IT Management workshop in the previous two posts. I wanted to […]


Interop – Principles of Effective IT Management

This post is part 2 in a 3-part series. Check out the first post if you haven’t yet. I want to review a workshop I attended at Interop Las Vegas in May called Principles of Effective IT Management. It would […]


Interop Las Vegas

During the last six months of my time at Slingshot SEO, I was fortunate enough to get approved for my first work trip. And catch this — it was to Las Vegas! Interop is the world’s largest independent IT conference […]