Exciting News!

Well, it’s official: I have a job! And furthermore, it’s an opportunity that I never thought I would have (although, in a small way, always wished I would). In short, Alex Robinson is leaving the Christian Campus House. This makes […]


How Much Am I To Do?

So I’m sitting here in the sound booth at church, working on the podcast. One thought has come to mind just now, as it often has recently. How much stuff am I really to try to do? With all my […]


A MusEd Paper vs. The Rest of My Life

So I had a nice long talk with Melissa yesterday. You see, we have this paper due in our MusEd class tomorrow – a paper about our philosophy of music education, it’s place in schools, etc. One problem – I’m […]


Preaching? Who, me?

Well, I just delivered my first sermon this morning. “Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath,” at the Christian Campus House. Pshew, who knew… It’s been a bit of a stressful week, juggling school and the “normal” stressors but also dealing with […]