Evansville’s Best-Kept Secret

Last night, during a break from the National Student Conference (hosted by the NACCM), the rest of the Christian Campus House staff and I joined a couple other guys from the conference and drove through Evansville a bit to go to a restaurant.  It was a Greek restaurant called Acropolis, and it was absolutely amazing.  Apparently, the two other guys who went with us ate there last year as well, and, upon entering the restaurant last year, the owner greeted them at the door and said, “let me cook for you tonight!”  Well, long story short, this year they asked if we could do the same thing, and this is what happened.  We ordered drinks, and the waitress (the same one they had last year!) called Doros, the owner, and he told her what all to have the chefs prepare for us.  For $20 a person plus drinks, we had probably 4 appetizers, salad, and 3 entrees plus desert, served “family-style” for the 5 of us to share.  It was absolutely astounding, and the service was fantastic.  Mind you, I had never eaten Greek food before, but the stuffed mushrooms were the only thing I didn’t try (I’m definitely not a fan of mushrooms).  I tried everything else, and liked everything else, with the exception of the cucumber sauce – but I’m pretty sure that was me, not the restaurant.

Then, after a bit, Doros arrived (he had been running some errands) and joined us for probably 10 minutes.  It turns out he has a young son who was very sick during the conference last year, and the guys we were with heard about this and told him and the waitress that they’d pray for his son.  Well, his son (who was around a year old at the time) was in a coma for four days, but suddenly came out of it and is 100% healthy now.  He said they were “blessed.”  What an amazing picture of the power of prayer.  Surely our two new friends weren’t the only people praying for Doros’s son, but how cool that was for them to be able to ask about him and hear such a great report.

Doros also reported that, a few months ago, Evansville was the host of a baseball tournament of some sort.  Several guys from ESPN came in, and Doros offered to cook for them (he didn’t know they were from ESPN until after he had started cooking for them); they essentially got the same awesome deal that we did.  They told him, on their way out, “on the radio tomorrow, we’re not going to be talking about baseball, we’re going to be talking about this restaurant!”  Truly an amazing place, it is well worth the time and money to enjoy an awesome Greek meal.  And be sure to ask to dine “off the menu,” as Doros was so kind to do for us again this year.

Acropolis Authentic Greek Cuisine & Spirits
501 N. Green River Rd.
Evansville, IN 47715

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