Pride is a Killer

So, this has been a bit of a tough week for me… for so many reasons.  It’s also been a great week, for some of the same reasons, frankly.  All details aside, let’s just say I’ve had a couple significant blows to my ego.

I have no great thoughts to impart here, but just allow me to say, pride can be a killer, and it can be so easily a problem without even realizing it.  If you had asked me two weeks ago if I had a problem with pride, I would have said no way; sure, I can be a little arrogant on a small thing or two here or there, but I have no significant problem.  Unfortunately, I have learned that’s not the case.  Actually, though it’s unfortunate that it’s been the case, I’m very glad that I found it out now, before any more time went by.

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