Student Evaluations

Last Wednesday, March 12, Mr. Fletcher (my supervising teacher for student teaching at Anderson Highland High School) had all the students in the Wind Ensemble write on a piece of paper two things that I am doing well and two things that I need to improve. The responses ranged from very helpful to useless, very serious and boring to hysterical. Overall, the general (useful) themes were: speak up, be more emotional (or just show a personality!), and discipline more/harder. Those are all very valid points. However, I wanted to quote a few specific entries here, because they are just amusing.

I really like Mr. Thom. He is probably one of my favorite students directors I’ve had. I like how he’s not full of bologna like most of the other people that come into here. Like, he doesn’t try to act all tough in front of kids to prove he has dominance over us. He if [sic] he was a bit more strict that might help.

I think Mr. Thom is a great music teacher. He actually works with the group until we get it right and doesn’t just run through all the music like some special director I know. [Who’s that?]

I think is a great well-rounded person
– He directs very good
– He actually think about the band
– He’s a nice guy! [all that, sic… yeah….]

Mr. Thom,
Your [sic] doing very well with us here at Highland. You seem to like us and have fun with us. You seem to know what your [sic] doing. The only thing I would say is to [sic] talk to [sic] soft. Just be able to yell at us if your [sic] trying to get us to pay attention. haha!
It’s been fun! [It’s not over…]

We’re getting better at the pieces that he works with us on (different from other student teachers).

You are a very good student director. You have a very good way to direct the band.

Well organized (good planning before directing) [ha! I have them fooled!]

Mr. T is actually the best student teacher that I have ever had. He actually involves his students and makes it fun.
he is Neat-O

Mr. T is very good at being a music teacher. As he teaches us, he is also learning by observing. [uhh, okaaaay….?]

Mr. T keeps control of the class well. He is smarter than most people. He should replace Mr. Stickler. Better than last years [sic] student teachers.

Mr. Tom [sic] is a nice, well dressed guy. He needs a backbone though.

Just give him an “A”. He did fine. I’m sure whatever school he will (eventually) conduct will love him.

He has a much better style than the other directors and he is a good guy. [style… conducting style? teaching style? clothing style?]

He is a cool guy and I like his sweater.
But in all seriousness he’s pretty good.

I like Mr. Thom because he is very lively, he knows a lot about music. I also like how he knows how to have fun but is serious about what he does.

Keep up the good work. Your [sic] doing a really good job. [oh, thanks, that’s informative!]

He’s been conducting well. [also useful]

G: tries to keep tempo pretty well
B: go faster

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  1. Sounds like you’re skool distrct sacrificed Spelling and Grammmmar eduKation for the Music Ed funding 🙂

    Way to wear an awesome sweater and be Neat-O

  2. I like your sweater too…and I LOVED the backbone comment. Come on Mr. Thom, tell them like it is. :-p And what does [sic] mean? (yes I Know I’m lame)

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