The Only Constant is Change


Two years.

That’s way too long to go between posts. Accept my apologies?


Two years ago I was just coming up on one year at Slingshot SEO. In January 2012, I moved into a new role at Slingshot — IT Operations Administrator. I am hugely grateful to Don Kane (then CEO/COO) and the rest of Slingshot for taking a chance on me and entrusting to me all our computer and network systems. Under the guidance of Deanna Mettler (then VP of Finance), I grew so much in the year and a half that followed. I matured as a person, as a professional, and as an IT administrator.

So much so that an industry contact reached out to me in early 2013, and long story short, I was fortunate enough to find a great match in a company that was looking to begin a new role — Director, Information Services. Apparently the positive feelings were mutual, because they hired me and I began work at DK Pierce and Associates in June. There are many amazing people and great friends I miss from Slingshot SEO (ahem, DigitalRelevance), but this new chapter of my life has been terrific so far.

DK Pierce and Associates is a healthcare reimbursement consulting firm based out of Zionsville. Currently with 19 employees, DKP was started by Denise Pierce nearly 15 years ago to help clients navigate the complexities of the current healthcare environment, particularly working with pharma companies as they go about bringing new drugs to market. It is an incredibly bright team of mostly women (seriously — 16 of the 19 employees are women, and DKP is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise). One thing that makes us unique is that about half of our workforce — the Away Team — work remotely from all along the East Coast. The rest of us work in the Zionsville office.

Well, most of the time. We’re currently renovating and expanding our office — we own the whole building! — which is exciting to be sure. But it means that none of the Home Team is working in the office; we’re working, more literally, from home for the summer. I really shouldn’t complain about not having to shower for work, but in all honestly I’m ready to be back in an office with people around during the day. I get so stir crazy!

I intend to highlight some more details of my new role in future blog posts. My intention is to make this blog a personal blog, yes, but also to begin discussing IT industry topics and my perspective on them. We’ll see how that goes.

For now, I’m just so blessed to be where I am professional as well as personally. Cheers to a great 2013 so far!

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