Ten Steps for Resolving Couple Conflict

So, let me explain… truly, don’t read too much into this.  Basically, I had this laying around my house, wanted to keep it but wanted to throw the piece of paper away, and don’t have a scanner.  Thus, I’m posting it here to save it digitally, in a sense… in the cloud, I suppose.

At the same time, it is a bit interesting, and perhaps thought-provoking.  Feel free to read and comment, as I guess I am posting this for a *little* more than just the purpose of it serving as my online backup, haha… anyway, it’s from the “PREPARE/ENRICH Program” Natalie and I did as a part of pre-marital counseling through East 91st Street Christian Church.

Ten Steps for Resolving Couple Conflict:

  1. Set a time and place for discussion.
  2. Define the problem or issue of disagreement.
  3. How do you each contribute to the problem?
  4. List past attempts to resolve the issue that were not successful.
  5. Brainstorm.  List all possible solutions.
  6. Discuss and evaluate these possible solutions.
  7. Agree on one solution to try.
  8. Agree on how each individual will work toward this solution.
  9. Set up another meeting.  Discuss your progress.
  10. Reward each other as you each contribute toward the solution.

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  1. I know this is super late, but this was a good idea to put this online…now I can throw away my copy of that paper, too!

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