Sitting in a Live Concert

So this is cool. I’m sitting in the Student Center at Ball State University, watching Jon Hainstock perform live for a Late Nite event. I’ve had the opportunity to see Jon at least three other times, all of them in Muncie. In fact, the Christian Campus House has had him in to play twice as a part of our Stone House Stage series. He’s a great guy, a Godly man, and a terrific singer/songwriter. And the band he has with him tonight sounds especially good (I suppose it’s his new touring band?).

This concert is just another instance of the great partnership with UPB and Late Nite that we have had this year. We have had the opportunity to bring some of what we do to the campus, rather than doing what we can do bring the campus to us. Though that certainly has its merits (after all, the hope, even here, is that we would be able to be a place that students can come to in order to get plugged in), this is a much more effective way to meet and talk with people. Even if we never see them show up at the Campus House, we can hopefully at least have a few minutes’ impact on them for Christ. And while these events are not explicitly a “Christian” show, they are nonetheless co-sponsored by us, and we are available at these events to talk with anyone who wants to talk.

On a side note, I’m doing my best to take mental notes as I will be in charge of activities like this next year. Yikes!

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