A New Apologetic Method

Okay, so it may not actually be totally new.  But it’s new to me, and it’s new to many modern Christians.  You see, many "classic" Christian apologetics just aren’t as applicable to today society and situation.  With the "New Atheists" as prominent as they are, we must adapt and take on new tactics when dealing with these issues.  Dinesh D’ Souza spoke this evening at Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis.  I will blog more on his talk in upcoming days, but here are just a couple of thoughts that he shared with us.

In his mind, Atheism has only recently become as militant as it now is.  In the past, Atheists have sought little more than for removal of Nativities from public places or the dismantling of 10 Commandment replicas from court houses.  However, these days, Atheists are attempting to discredit Christianity.  They try to "make Christians feel like idiots" for believing as we do, as D’ Souza put it tonight.  We Christians were taught to defend our beliefs and explain our beliefs by pointing to the Bible.  Quoting Scripture is also recommended.  However, what do you do when somebody inherently disbelieves the Bible and its veracity?  Saying "because it said so" is meaningless when they don’t give the Bible any credit to begin with.  Thus, we must become "bilingual," in a sense.  We need to be able to speak secularly with Atheists/secularists.  This is just one tenant of his methodology for dealing with Atheism as it has presented itself in modern society.

More to come soon; right now, I am simply much too tired and it is past my bedtime.  I just want to leave you with one more nugget of knowledge that I gained tonight.  I will perhaps put it in context in a future post, but, for now, know that Heaven is adult Disneyland. 🙂

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