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The Never-Ending Adventures and Journeys of the Jesus Followers

I just started reading another book, this one by the guy who spoke at the NACCM Campus Ministers' Retreat a couple weeks ago, Don Everts.  It's called Jesus with Dirty Feet, and it's a look at Jesus that attempts to do away with all of the cliches, ideas, stigmas, mindsets, and perspectives that we seem to collectively have from our 21st-century viewpoint (well, 20th-century, actually... it was written in 1999).

To greatly paraphrase his very first chapter, the term Christian and Christianity has been greatly distorted and misunderstood in modern-day society.  So, for now on, whenever you hear the term Christianity, think the following:

The Never-Ending Adventures and Journeys of the Jesus Followers.

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Exciting News!

Well, it's official: I have a job!

And furthermore, it's an opportunity that I never thought I would have (although, in a small way, always wished I would). In short, Alex Robinson is leaving the Christian Campus House. This makes me so very sad, because I have looked up to Alex ever since he joined the ministry in the Fall of 2005. He's been a good friend and leader at the Campus House, and he will be greatly missed by all of us there. However, his departure has created an amazing opportunity for me (and apparently it was first his idea to have me succeed him).

Starting this Summer (nearly right after graduation), I will be spending the next year as Associate Campus Minister at the Christian Campus House, with my main responsibilities being music and media, with some preaching and teaching responsibilities.

This is yet another opportunity for me to say, "Well, okay Lord, if you say so!" If it was up to me, I would tell you that I am so under-qualified for this job. Nonetheless, Mark and Alex (and apparently many of my peers, too) have faith in my and my ability to be used by the Lord in this new role at the Campus House, so I should just trust them and have faith that He will guide me through this.

On a more surfacey level, I'm so excited just to have a job! And, yes, a paycheck! And no more of this duality; I'm so used to "doing school" and then coming home and doing all the stuff at church that I love to do. Now I get to do just what I love to do so much!

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