Author’s Note: To those of you looking for information regarding the discontinued NBC soap opera, you will be dismayed. Furthermore, this post will not deal with’s first five definitions for the word “passion,” three of which deal with “sexual […]


More From Harold Best

I finally have had a bit more time to read. I’m really going to try to make that a regular occurrence. Unceasing Worship by Harold Best. Excellent book. Every word he writes is so specific, so clear, so meaningful. As […]


A MusEd Paper vs. The Rest of My Life

So I had a nice long talk with Melissa yesterday. You see, we have this paper due in our MusEd class tomorrow – a paper about our philosophy of music education, it’s place in schools, etc. One problem – I’m […]


Preaching? Who, me?

Well, I just delivered my first sermon this morning. “Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath,” at the Christian Campus House. Pshew, who knew… It’s been a bit of a stressful week, juggling school and the “normal” stressors but also dealing with […]