Spiritual Receptivity

I am a little over halfway through A.W. Tozer‘s classic The Pursuit of God (also available to read online).  This is my first read of the book, and, despite the language being just a bit old-fashioned (it was written around […]


A Bridge or a Rug?

Unfortunately, today is the next-to-last day of the E91 devotional that I’ve been reading. I’ll have to find something to take its place, and fast. But I wanted to share, yet again, a very short excerpt from tonight’s reading. This […]


A Summary of Ministry

More from the E91 devotional. The words of Preaching Associate Dave Mullins (he’ll be performing Natalie and my wedding ceremony! or at least he’s the official E91 person involved; we’re going to have Mark Pike do a majority of the […]


His Grace Covers All

An excerpt from my previously-referenced E91 devotional, this one written by Senior Pastor Derek Duncan: I want you to make a list of what you think God doesn’t love about you. Look at it and ask God if He loves […]


Kingdom Dream vs. American Dream

I was just reading today’s devotional entry in the 40-day devotional guide published a few weeks ago by my church in Indy, East 91st Street Christian Church. This week’s study is from Matthew 6:19-34. “Do not store up for yourselves […]


More From Harold Best

I finally have had a bit more time to read. I’m really going to try to make that a regular occurrence. Unceasing Worship by Harold Best. Excellent book. Every word he writes is so specific, so clear, so meaningful. As […]