INTASC Standard #7

Instructional Planning Skills

The teacher plans instruction based on knowledge of subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals.

[Headings for INTASC standards are taken from - Campbell, D.M. et al.  (1997).  How to develop a professional portfolio:  A manual for teachers.  Boston: Allyn and Bacon.]

In order to meet this standard, I need to be aware of many things. I need to understand the environment and atmosphere in which I will be teaching. Of course, this includes being privy to my students' needs - physical, emotional, psychological, and, of course, educational. This requires me to be plugged in to the community, to connect with parents, to truly understand the situation. Additionally, an exceptional understanding of music is imperative, because this is the content that I will be teaching to the students (see Standard 1). Finally, I must have a grasp on what I am expected to teach. This may be set by my department chair, my school administrators, or even school township/district/corporation administrators. A good understanding of what I am supposed to teach will not only keep my superiors happy but will give me direction as I plan my daily curriculum.

Lesson Plan from MusEd 350

Unit Plan from MusEd 353

School Teaching 1 Lesson Plan from MusEd 351

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