Professional Growth Plan

I have been teaching in various capacities for several years. Starting in middle school, my band directors had me help with summer band; as an eighth-grader, I worked with sixth and seventh grade students. This hasn't really stopped to this day, and yet there is so much left to learn.

One of my biggest strengths is my knowledge of content material. I know music very well, and I think quickly and process problems very logically. This is certainly one aspect of an effective teacher.

However, I certainly have some shortcomings, too. For example, I am less-than-amazing at dealing with kids sometimes. I usually come up with a decent solution, but it's never enjoyable me for me, and, at very least, it is probably awkward for the kid. As I was raised to be respectful, obedient, and (relatively) well-behaved, it can occasionally be difficult for me to even fathom what it is like being a disrespectful kid. Thus, I often do not have an immediate plan for dealing with problem kids.

Also, I speak too quickly and mumble too much. It is apparent in every one of my teaching videos: I talk quickly. I have been getting better, though, at becoming conscious of this fact while I am doing it and correcting the problem. It is something that I am simply going to have to continue to work on.

From a more directly professional standpoint, I have been a member of MENC and NBA for three years, and I fully intend to maintain these memberships (and continue to receive their respective periodicals). I have been active in the professional community already (at least as much of it as I have access to at this stage of my career-in-training); I have many personal contacts around the state, and intend to maintain this relationships, to foster positive professional communication.

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