INTASC Standard #8

Assessment of Student Learning

The teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to ensure the continuous intellectual, social, and physical development of the learner.

[Headings for INTASC standards are taken from - Campbell, D.M. et al.  (1997).  How to develop a professional portfolio:  A manual for teachers.  Boston: Allyn and Bacon.]

Assessment is critical to running an educationally-successful music classroom. There are many forms that assessment can take. To generalize, assessment can be categorized as either formal or informal. In formal assessment, the students are specifically aware that they are being assessed, usually for some sort of grade. This includes tests, quizzes, singing/playing tests, and the like. Informal assessment, then, consists primarily of teacher observation - watching the students during class, seeing how they respond, listening closely while the students are singing corporately, and so forth. Both are completely valid and important. The acquired assessment information, then, is used for two purposes: 1) to analyze the teacher's effectiveness, and 2) to analyze the students' comprehension and abilities.

As a teacher who may very possibly see most of the students in the school in a given week, I must be sure to keep track of the students and their progress. One good way to do this is to keep records on my computer for each student. During class I can make notes on my roster or clipboard; after class, then, I can transfer these notes (or perhaps even specific grades) to my computer, for later reference. Also important to remember is self-assessment. This is sometimes accomplished indirectly through assessing the students. It can also take the form of videotaping from time to time, having peers observe my class, or even having a mentor come and observe. I can then view the video later or talk with my peers or mentors and get feedback from them, both positive and negative. Through a process such as this, I can improve my teaching to better benefit my students.

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